Good morning Petites..and welcome to trendy Tuesday...Today I would like to talk about something so cute and very dear to my heart..Pets..yes thats read correctly..everywhere you go you see fashionista walking around with a pet attached to them like an accessory..I am sure you have seen this right?..I think its so cute..and for the last year I have been begging my love at home to buy me one..I love dogs..and I want so badly to have a little girl dog so I can dress up and take out with me...I call them cupcake dogs..LOL..You see I am in a house filled with husband..three boys and a gigantic male boxer..Way to much male for me..I need to level the playground here..

I think there is a trend being set here..because like I said all the stars are always captured in pictures holding there beloved pets..and I personally think its adorable..however..pets are alot of work..its like having another baby..So before jumping into something like this please think careful about it..Its definitely a commit it..There are plenty of breeders around to get a dog of your choice and of course the dog pound is another great place to find a dog..Like most trends..your gonna pay for a full breed dog..People are cashing in on this latest craze right be careful and never buy a puppy from the pet store..The pet stores are supporting puppy mills..and we dont want that..( i got in there a little statement)..But all depends on what you like of course..Being a fashionista we make those choices according to our personality..and thats what make us Fashionista's...

So for now..I will keep working on my love to buy me a dog..( you see I have a little problem with the word NO)..and hopefully he will give in..xoxo

heres a great website to check out:


  1. When I read this blog...I was literally laughing out loud. I am trying to convince my hubby to buy me a dog too. I want a little yorkie or shit-zu. He is a dog person, but an outside dog kinda person. ;-) Maybe we will both get a little dog one day.

    Also, thank for your last comment. I with I was there shopping with you. I don't have a Marshalls near me. The closest one I think is 1hr and 45 min. away. ;-(

    xoxo, Shelly

  2. hehehe..I meant to say I "WISH" I was there shopping with you instead of with I was there..hehehe!

  3. Love the idea of Trendy Tuesday! Paris's hat is so cute !



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