Good Morning Petites..I know I usually dont write on Wednesday's but today is a special day..I received a blog award!!! YEAH!! I get soo excited over these things...I truly love to blog!! I have so much fun and have made contacts with such great people..Its truly a happy thing to do..Its soo great just knowing that there are so many woman out me..that can relate to what I write about..FASHIONISTA POWER!!! This blog was given to me by a fellow blogger who I absolutely adore..Her blog is so entertaining and very fashion forward..Its called Shelly's Style Shop....If you get a chance check it out..Its Fabulous...Thank you Shelly...

So now I must pass this award on to some Fabulous Blogs, I recently discovered...

Again..thank you to Shelly for the lovely award and just a few simple rules to follow when accepting the award..
1. when you place the award on your post, make sure to name the person who gave it to you..and a link to their blog..
2.Pass the award onto 15 new blog sites, that you recently discovered..and list the blog with a link in your post..
3.Contact the people you chose to give the award, to let them know..

And that pretty much is it..It sounds like a lot of work,,but its worth it...Its drives people to your blog and inturn you drive people to other blogs you like..there is nothing better than helping out a fellow fashionista...much love..xoxoMish



Good Morning is everyone today?...I hope your feeling fabulous...Today Fashionista's I would like to hold a little history lesson...A lesson only us Fashionista's will like and understand...And also honor a woman who built an empire out of nothing..CoCo Chanel is one of the most named names when it comes to Fashion..when one thinks of Coco Chanel they think style and class..She is known world wide for her signature handbags..her LBD...and her perfume...

So here is our lesson for today..Did you know that CHANEL NO. 5 is the top selling perfume of all time??...yes it is..a bottle is sold every 30 seconds...Can you believe that?...CoCo Chanel created this little bottle of magic in 1921...when designing the actually smell she wanted something a dress...something that had been made...Wow...How fab is that?...I would have to say she was a genius...

I know in my time..I have seen perfume come and go...but CHANEL NO. 5 has withstood the hands of time..One of my favorite all time pictures is Marilyn Monroe with her bottle of CHANEL NO. 5...(which I have included)..MS. Monroe was once asked " What do you wear to bed?" and her response was " Why Chanel No. 5 of course" I love that..

So in ending this little history lesson..if you have never had a whiff of CHANEL NO. 5 give it a try..Its intoxicating..xoxoMish


Good Morning Petites..hope everyone had a good weekend..So today I would like to show you my favorite outfit of the week..Don't laugh..I am definitely going thru a phase..I can not buy enough vintage T-shirts..I don't know whats with me..I just love them..and the boyfriend jeans...OMG..there fabulous and soo very comfortable...Its kinda of a dress down look but super stylish if worn the right way..And it seems like every store I go in there are vintage tee's.there is every color and they have cool sayings and even 80's Rock bands..very cool...xoxomish

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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things