Good Morning Petites...hope everyone is doing well..and of course FABULOUS...today I would like to give another history lesson to all my loves..Its a great one too..very inspiring to say the least...as we all know Juicy Couture has taken the fashion world by storm..every where you go you see juicy written across the items of clothing..I have to admit I think its adorable..very youthful and cute.!!!!...and Very Girly...which I love...but it did not start out that way....

In 1994, Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy started a fashion label called Travis Jeans..which were maternity pants...In 1996 they changed the name to

Juicy Couture and revised there label to make sexy girl apparel..They started out

with velour tracksuits and casual wear..

There line took off when they sent Madonna a velour tracksuit..and of course that's all it took..Madonna was seen wearing this tracksuit and the trend began....Since then there label has been a hit...

In 2006..they launched a new line called..Couture Couture...which is a reflection of the lifestyles of both designers and is only sold at high end stores...

Today Juicy has expanded its line to include cosmetics, jewelry, handbags and even dog apparel!!!!....

What makes Juicy Couture stand out from the rest is there slogans...

just to name a few......VIVA LA JUICY.....BE JUICY...and my favorite..HER ROYAL JUICYNESS....

I like this story because its every fashionista's dream..Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy worked hard and the hard work paid off..They are and should be an inspiration to all of us...its a lesson to be learned.....and I love there clothes...they are soo fashionable and so comfy...there FABULOUS!!!!xoxomish


Good Morning petites...I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend...I did...As you can see my favorite color right now is purple...I can not get enough of it..!!!...My history with the color purple is not a long one..For a long time I stayed away from purple..thought it was not a nice color..but this season something came over me and I love it now..There are so many shades of purple to chose from so there are many options...Did you know that rich violet is the color of royalty?? Nice!!!

This bag is divine.... I love purple flowers!!!!
These shoes are to die for !!!!

I have been burning lavender and lilac candles in my house all season..what a relaxing smell!!!
I would love to have this chair at my desk..would you?
I actually bought a purple bathing suit this season..very close to this one..love love love it...
This nail polish is so nice..its sweet but edgy...So give it a try..Indulge me please..xoxomish


Good morning Petites..and Happy Friday...I hope all has a fun filled weekend planned!!!..This is my favorite outfit of the week...And can I just tell you I love love love it!!! The sweater and jeans are from Victoria Secret So if you do not have a store near you..check out their website..Besides being famous for the lingerie..they have some fabulous outfits too..So check it out..I know this outfit is for the fall..but as any good Fashionista knows we always shop one season ahead..lol..its a very trendy look with a little bit of sexy in it..and I would definitely need a big slouchy bag to go with it.. To me this screams FASHIONISTA !!!Even better check out Lily at Bleed for Fashion..because she rocks a similar outfit...Have a great weekend la Petites..xoxomish


hello petites..hope everyone is fine and fabulous today..ok I need to get a response from all my dear fashionista's about a issue I may or may not have..lol..among other things..ok..here I go...when I see something that catches my eye ( it usually involves clothes) I must have it..I mean I get crazy until its in my possession..is that weird..do any of you do that?..for an example...a few months ago I was watching old episodes of The Hills and LC had these fabulous glasses on and I went crazy for them...For like a week I scoured every website and store I could find till I found them...then I bought them..and my life felt complete until the next time...Don't get me wrong I love all my purchases...that feeling does not go away..but there is always something else I am on a hunt for..Am I crazy? As I am writing this post I am almost feeling like an addict..like the girl from confessions of a Shopaholic..however I am not in debt..so does that make it better? I love to shop..that is definitely my hobby and I will not make any excuses for that..I have been like this all my life..and I do not think I will ever change...But have I crossed the line with this...or is it perfectly normal?...Isnt it really that bad to want something real bad all the time?...xoxomish
ps..I am on the hunt as we speak for a juicy couture charm...wish me luck


Ok petites its not what you think..this is about scarves..lol..sorry to disappoint you..So anyway I love this look..You would think that scarves would be just for the winter months..but not anymore...there being worn all year round..and I might add that they are a fabulous item to add just the right touch to an outfit..and lately their popping up everywhere..Of course no one can replace the irreplaceable Hermes scarf or the popular Chanel silk scarf..they have and will withstand the fashion game..but there are some really fabulous scarves out there that come in an array of colors, fabrics and styles..and that are affordable enough to buy a few..like I stated before scarves can instantly transform a simple outfit into tre chic..I personally love the look..It screams put together but in a very trendy kind of way..so give it a whirl...

Hello my petites..

I am soo sorry for not being around the past month..I have been very busy with quite a few things...my boys are out of school for the summer and as you can imagine they have been keeping me very busy..I have also been working on some projects that I have neglected long enough..and last but certainly not least...my husband bought me my puppy I have been bugging him about for the last year..her name is CoCo and she is a doll face..I love her...but its a lot of work...but worth it...so anyway..Im back and recharged and ready to talk shop with my fellow fashionista's...I have thought of some great topics and I cant wait to share them with you gals...I have included a pic of CoCo for all to see..she is quite the fashionista herself..mishxoxo

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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things