Good Morning Petites...hope everyone is doing well..and of course FABULOUS...today I would like to give another history lesson to all my loves..Its a great one too..very inspiring to say the least...as we all know Juicy Couture has taken the fashion world by storm..every where you go you see juicy written across the items of clothing..I have to admit I think its adorable..very youthful and cute.!!!!...and Very Girly...which I love...but it did not start out that way....

In 1994, Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy started a fashion label called Travis Jeans..which were maternity pants...In 1996 they changed the name to

Juicy Couture and revised there label to make sexy girl apparel..They started out

with velour tracksuits and casual wear..

There line took off when they sent Madonna a velour tracksuit..and of course that's all it took..Madonna was seen wearing this tracksuit and the trend began....Since then there label has been a hit...

In 2006..they launched a new line called..Couture Couture...which is a reflection of the lifestyles of both designers and is only sold at high end stores...

Today Juicy has expanded its line to include cosmetics, jewelry, handbags and even dog apparel!!!!....

What makes Juicy Couture stand out from the rest is there slogans...

just to name a few......VIVA LA JUICY.....BE JUICY...and my favorite..HER ROYAL JUICYNESS....

I like this story because its every fashionista's dream..Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy worked hard and the hard work paid off..They are and should be an inspiration to all of us...its a lesson to be learned.....and I love there clothes...they are soo fashionable and so comfy...there FABULOUS!!!!xoxomish


  1. Gosh every time I hear a true story like this, it really gets me motivated to do SOMETHING. Lol. These women make it sound so easy to just up and start a fashion line.
    Definitely an inspiration for us all. :)

  2. Fab post, darling! Love that satchel and the JC history!


  3. Loved learning about the history of Juicy Couture. Only just recently have I become infatuated with their creations - I want it all! :)

  4. such an inspiring story - what lucky women!!!

  5. I love their charms and recently they've been putting out some more sophisticated handbag offerings, but I'm so not a fan of the velour tracksuit thing :)


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