Good Morning petites...I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend...I did...As you can see my favorite color right now is purple...I can not get enough of it..!!!...My history with the color purple is not a long one..For a long time I stayed away from purple..thought it was not a nice color..but this season something came over me and I love it now..There are so many shades of purple to chose from so there are many options...Did you know that rich violet is the color of royalty?? Nice!!!

This bag is divine.... I love purple flowers!!!!
These shoes are to die for !!!!

I have been burning lavender and lilac candles in my house all season..what a relaxing smell!!!
I would love to have this chair at my desk..would you?
I actually bought a purple bathing suit this season..very close to this one..love love love it...
This nail polish is so nice..its sweet but edgy...So give it a try..Indulge me please..xoxomish


  1. Ooh I love purple. I think it's one of those colors you either love or hate wearing. But I have always thought it was lovely. I especially like that purple nail polish. I might have to go pick some of that up after work today! :)


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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things