hello petites..hope everyone is fine and fabulous today..ok I need to get a response from all my dear fashionista's about a issue I may or may not other I go...when I see something that catches my eye ( it usually involves clothes) I must have it..I mean I get crazy until its in my that any of you do that?..for an example...a few months ago I was watching old episodes of The Hills and LC had these fabulous glasses on and I went crazy for them...For like a week I scoured every website and store I could find till I found them...then I bought them..and my life felt complete until the next time...Don't get me wrong I love all my purchases...that feeling does not go away..but there is always something else I am on a hunt for..Am I crazy? As I am writing this post I am almost feeling like an the girl from confessions of a Shopaholic..however I am not in does that make it better? I love to shop..that is definitely my hobby and I will not make any excuses for that..I have been like this all my life..and I do not think I will ever change...But have I crossed the line with this...or is it perfectly normal?...Isnt it really that bad to want something real bad all the time?...xoxomish
ps..I am on the hunt as we speak for a juicy couture charm...wish me luck


  1. I am "crazy" in the same way... but then I have to come to grips with the fact that I can't have everything I want :(


  2. haha I know how you feel! Well, so long as you keep it manageable I'd say it's not too huge an issue.

    Btw, my twitter is

  3. Its all normal. I have a shopping 'disease'. If I want something, I'll go mental till I get it. I'm not in debt either, thankfully, but I do need to stop.


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