Are you a matchy kind of girl? Does your bras and undies have to match? I have to admit I am...When I buy a bra...I must have matching knickers..Why? I don't know...Maybe its my need to be put together...or maybe I am just a little crazy..

Now I am not a lingerie type of girl...honest..its not one of my obsessions...but I do own a plethora of all different colors..and of course a slew of matching knickers....I cant help that I got a little personal with might as well know this....

I match my undergarments to my outfit..for instance....if I am wearing a pink top...there is a pink bra under understand?

So do ya think I am crazy or what...Do I suffer from some strange fashion desease? my defense all I can say is I like to match...So I guess I am a matchy could be worse...xoxomish

ps..aren't these matching sets


Tomorrow would have been CoCo Chanel's this post is dedicated to her...

Coco was born in 1883 in the South of France, with the name Gabrielle Boheur Chanel..Her mother died when she was little...but before her mother died she taught Coco how to sew...When Coco was just a little girl her father brought her to an orphange and just abanded her...and this is where she grew up and learned to sew even better...

As you can see Coco started with humble beginnings...She began designing hats and designed some of the most beautiful hats France had ever seen....She became famous for her hats which she sold out of a little boutique on 21 rue Cambon in France...

It wasnt until years later that Coco would design her famous bags and perfume...Most people when mentioning the name Coco Chanel always think of perfume..however Coco was directly responsible for the creation of the Little Black Dress..It was Coco who put this in the fashion pages forever....

Her perfume is one of the highest sold perfumes in the world and is still going strong...

Sadly her personal life never thrived..She never married nor had any children..I guess you could say she was married to her craft...She changed fashion in a way that her style still remains today...She is style...She is class...She is a role model for all of us..She was born with nothing and created an Empire...if that it not something then I do not know what its....

On that note...I would just like to say ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY are an inspiration to me and to all the other Fashionista's out there....xoxomish

Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.-- Coco Chanel


Good morning is everyone today? Hope everyone had a nice and fabulous weekend!!! Well to sum up my last post I just want everyone to know that I did find a pair of jeans..and they fit FABUOUS!!!..They are Vera Wang..and they fit so good that I think I may have to buy several pairs in various colors and ya love it when that happens...I certainly do!!!...With summer almost gone..I am concentating on Fall styles..I love this time of year when you are ending one style season and anticipating the next...I start buying clothes now for the fall and I put it in my closet...and then when I go to look for something to wear in a month or two I am soo pleased with familar?....I also love looking thru magazines now too...They are filled with fall inspired items..Thats so much fun...After months of summer clothes its like a breath of fresh air..Fall is my favorite season...I love all the dark colors and sweaters...and school is back in session...With my children home for summer break it has been very hard for me to post like I wanted to...I have been busy spending time with them...So when they are back in school again I will have more time to dedicate myself....until the next time....xoxomish

good morning is everyone today?....well I am just fabulous..I hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of brings me to my topic today..I am always shopping one season head and I can not tell you enough how hard it is to find jeans..Jeans to me are like the hardest thing to whats even more hard to understand is that jeans are like the most popular thing to buy..why is this? Are you relating to this problem? Since I can remember I have always had a very difficult time finding that perfect pair of jeans...Its been such an issue for me that I actually have to psyche myself up for jean shopping...crazy right?...With all the jean company's out there in shop'd think this would be the least of my worries...But its a major problem..Their either too long..too tight...too loose...nothing is ever perfect...hate it..when will this madness end..I wish I could find the perfect pair of jeans...A friend of mine told me recently of the Lucky jeans..She swears by them..She says they are the best jeans should I give it a whirl...otherwise I might be wearing cargo pants for the rest of my


hello petites..hope everyone had a nice weekend...and of course it went to fast as while on my weekend hiatus, I discovered a fabulous new way to have your nails done...With the pink and white nails becoming a little boring these must look for something a little bit more colorful...well you can not get any colorful than this...But my petites this is not hand painted..this is a an adhesive film...Believe it petites...and it gets can have your nails done and walk out of the salon with no smudges and this fabulous invention does not chip!!!..Apparently the nail pro presses the film on the nail and then your nails go under a heat lamp and they set..Voila

This new state of the art nail art is called Minxnails. Beyonce is a hugh fan. She is a regular customer of Minx. There are all kinds of different designs and solid colors to chose from. But before you run right out to your manicurists, keep in mind this much..they are very costly and your nail tech must be trained first, before they can even advertise this service....There is one salon who does this sort of service..Lulu's by Travis Parker..located in San Diego, for all you Fashionista's who live in the San Diego area..check it out...its sounds fabulous and even better it looks fabulous...xoxomish

p.s. dont forget to check out my new blog..ALL DRESSED UP & NOWHERE TO GO


Good Evening petites..hope everyone is fine and getting ready for the weekend..Im sorry I have not posted lately..I promise I will get better..I just wanted to let all my petites know that I am starting a new venture today..I am gonna use my writing skills and I am going to write a blog based on the daily life of THE FASHIONISTA...called ALL DRESSED UP AND NOWHERE TO GO...funny huh....its basically a daily diary of a girl who seems one way on the outside...but is really something else on the inside...and before anyone asks its not about my personal life..however there may be some topics in there that are a little please check it out..let me know what you think...xoxomish

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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things