Are you a matchy kind of girl? Does your bras and undies have to match? I have to admit I am...When I buy a bra...I must have matching knickers..Why? I don't know...Maybe its my need to be put together...or maybe I am just a little crazy..

Now I am not a lingerie type of girl...honest..its not one of my obsessions...but I do own a plethora of all different colors..and of course a slew of matching knickers....I cant help that I got a little personal with might as well know this....

I match my undergarments to my outfit..for instance....if I am wearing a pink top...there is a pink bra under understand?

So do ya think I am crazy or what...Do I suffer from some strange fashion desease? my defense all I can say is I like to match...So I guess I am a matchy could be worse...xoxomish

ps..aren't these matching sets


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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things