Do you remember Paper Dolls?

hello my fashionista's!!! hope everyone is that summer has ended its time to get back into the fashion business of writing about it...yeah!!!!...well here's a question for my petites out there....ready...Do you loves remember paper dolls when your were little petites?...OMG they were the best..I remember playing for hours with my paper dolls...Wow its funny to think I have been like this since I was little!!! So do you remember?

Well....if you do remember and you loved it like I did your in luck...there is a website that I discovered called that is a grown-up version of paper dolls...Fabulous right!!!..I decided to give it a try and signed up...It is so much fun....There is literally thousands of different clothes and all kinds of stuff to put together an outfit...You pick out a model and voila you start dressing her...just like when you were little..and the best part is you get to save the look and share it with everyone else that is on Looklet...

It is really alot of give it a is the cannot wait to here what you think....mishxoxo


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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things