As everyone should know by now, I have an obsession with Coco Chanel.. She is my idol...anyway with the new movie, I was happy to see that Coco's style is still in today...At the time Coco was making a start, her fashion style was a little to risque for most woman of the 1930's, but Coco was a fashion genius way ahead of her time...

As you can see in this picture her tweed jacket and skirt has taken its place in the fashion world......

This is the more modern take of Coco's famous look..I love it.. Very tre chic...

I especially love the fact that Coco adored hats...She was hardly with out one!!!

She had a very tomboy look to her but yet so polished !!!!

Coco's signature fashion staple...Her pearls.....She was always dressed so classy...

As I said before and will probably say again..Coco Chanel was an icon..She defined class...She made a statement..She was a woman before her time....and she was and will forever be a fashion icon.... and my favorite...xoxo

Most of her staple outfits and accesories are still very popular today...And her Little Black dress will never go out....


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one of my favorite things