Fashionista and Polka Dots!!!

Good morning petites..I apologize for no post yesterday..I am right in the middle of quite a few things..I will explain later..Anyway..onto the Polka Dot craze...I was recently doing a little light reading in Glamour magazine..when I came across this spread of polka dots being hot this season...I thought it was so cute..It reminded me of when I was a little girl and used to go to the boardwalk..There is something very warm and fuzzy about this trend..Sort of a reminscence of days gone..It definately has a spring/summer feel to it..Dont you think?..I want to just go out and get cotton candy..and walk along a fashion gods also expressed interest in sorbet colors and gingham..again brought me right back to the past..its amazing to me how soemthing like a fabric style can do this...anyway..I dont know for sure if I will venture into this trend..but then again one never knows..If I like it enough I might just give a try...


  1. I missed you yesterday...but glad to see you posting today! I love polka dots! Those pictures are so cute. I love the first outfit.

    BTW...thanks for comment. I do feel so much better. xoxo, Shelly

  2. ooh the new layout is pretty!
    my birthday was fabulous, thank you for asking! my bf took me to the CN tower for dinner. Amazing view.
    I need to own all 3 of those outfits, minus the pink socks in the third pic. lol I'm not fond of coloured socks.


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