TALK SHOP THURSDAY i would like to start something new its called Talk Shop Thursday...It doesnt really have anything to do with shopping..( I know boo hoo)..anyway..its when I discuss being a fashionista with other Fashionista's..and then I post about right..Dont worry it will be fun..I think its interesting to see how we all deal with being fashionista and living life...( hopefully happy)..

Ok so today I am going to talk about Erin..she is my best friend...and another fashionista..when we were in school Erin came up with the 7 day rule..What is this? Well it goes something like can not wear the same outfit for at least 7 days..Funny right..but a classic rule that still is followed today...Of course now most of can go at least a month without repeating an funny the things we worry about..anyway..Erin came up with idea way back..I am so not going to indulge on how many years ago...but I will say it was a long time that is where the fashionista in us was born...I personally remember asking my mom for 7 pairs of shorts..etc..And I remember my mom saying..why in the world do you need that many shorts..and then I would tell her the 7 day rule..I think she thought I was out of my mind..especially since I was not paying for my clothes at this point..But she gave in to this request..and truth be told today my mom must have 30 pairs of it was a fab idea...What do you think?..

So my petites..I hoped you like this little talk shop session..please let me know what you think..and thanks Erin for being the fashionista that you are at that very young age!!!....mishxoxo

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