Hello my petites..I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend..It came and went very fast..Right?..Todays topic is for our young petites...Its a shame to me in todays society that soo very many of are young petites are dressing in all the wrong ways..Why is this?..Did we do this when we were younger?..I know there is the big matter of wanting to be grown up and also that little matter of boys!!But its a little out of control..I see young petites ( I talkin 16 and younger) all the time who look look like clowns in there get ups..I use this term get up because that is what it is..there is no fashion here just pure and simple get up..Its really a shame to me..because these poor girls have no idea the difference..And God for bid a parent calls them on it..they go into hysterics..Right..Between the pressure of TV, movies and of course friends..these girls are forced to believe this is the right way..But of course its not..The young girls do not know the word style..which is very important..but this is never brought up in anything they see or hear..So here are two rules to follow my young ones..1. dont grow up to fast..its not that great being an adult..enjoy your youth..dress your age..there are soo many cool things out there for you to look ultra cool in without looking like you have a get up on..I wish I could wear some of the clothes today for the young petites..but thats a whole other topic..2..If your trying to impress a boy..dont try so hard..dont try to go all sexy or whatever it is you have in mind..dress cute..You see you want to attract the boy who thinks your cute..there the ones that are worth it..ya need to stay clear of the boys who use the word me on this one petites. happy your only happens once and once its gone..its gone..And remember your are our future fashionista's..think before you put something on and follow the wont regret it..I promise you that.Fashion is all about syle my loves..without sytle you have nothing..Its a very important accessory..not to have...make us proud...xoxo

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
-- Coco Chanel

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  1. I am with you on this! ;-) My oldest daughter is getting to that age where she cares about what she looks like and spends the night before putting an outfit together for school.

    I have talked to her about respecting her body and how much more she is beautiful without over doing it! I have given her the speach about not growing up to fast and to enjoy her life while being young. She is more a t-shirt and jean type a girl...but she is very cautious about tight jeans. She always ask me, "Mom do these look to tight on me?" If I say, "Yes". She won't wear them. ;-)

    I hope she stays this way.

    xoxo, Shelly


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