Good morning petites..its Wednesday...the middle of the week...the weekend is almost here right?..Big topic today..Retail Therapy!!!...Every fashionista can relate to this right?..My question is this..Does it really work?...I would have to say yes...When your blue and down and out..whats the first thing to perk you up?..Thinking about buying something new to add to your fab wardrobe!!!...yeah baby..Just yesterday..I was sitting her at my desk feeling like I had no brain was mush and I thought to myself what would make me happy..Without even a second with that thought..out popped my answer..Shopping!!...amazing how the brain of a fashionista works..just the thought of going out shopping...made be glee with joy...I guess it works..I know some would beg to differ about this notion..and I respect that..but for me its happiness...

I recently came across a book ( I do read alot) was called Life Lessons While Amanda Ford..It was the funniest book..and very of things in the book that I liked was she has a self diagnosis page with regards to when you need retail therapy and when its time to see a real doctor..very funny...The book was very light hearted and fun to read..Check it out petites..

Anyway, in ending this..I would just like to say this...happiness counts in life big if you do need a little all means indulge in your pleasure..and like I always say..If im happy..everyones happy...Ta Ta for now my petites

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  1. A good pair of shoes does it for me. Anytime I feel blue, I think of it would be nice to buy me a new pair of shoes. It can always put a smile on my face. ;-)

    Love your blog as always! xoxo, Shelly


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