Hello petites..Im back...I hope you like the new site..I worked hard this past week..anyway..back to business..This topic is a very serious one if anything...How many of us obsess over our weight? I know the number has got to be high..Is this right?..I dont really know the answer..One can only assume that the reason we are a weight conscious society is because of magazine covers and what we see on tv..I am not gonna name names but we all know there are model,actresses,etc. that to me are way to thin..And the woman who are at a healthy weight are looked down upon..That is so not right..a bad trend is being set here to all of us and to the even younger petites that you can never be to thin...I am totally against this..I remember a couple of years ago the Fashion Shows made big news for their barely there models..and they came back the following year saying they were taking a different approach with there models weights and I remember thinking good for them..but really have things changed?...So my petites this is one trend you dont want to follow..its a trend that is not healthy for your spirit...Be healthy..and thats happy with what you are...and remember its not the size of the jeans...its the to all..xoxo

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  1. I soooo AGREE with you. Being happy is No. 1!!!

    Being a personal fitness trainer I always encourage the ladies that I help too not overdue it.

    There are many people who are thin, but not healthy!!

    xoxo, Shelly


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