Hello my petites..its almost Friday...yeah...It feels soo good to get toward the end of the week..I love it!!...Well is Talk Shop Thursday..Its were I pick a store and talk about funny right..I would rather been in it shopping then talking about it..but for now this will do..Its like smelling the scent of the bakery before you enter it..Today I would like to talk about OLD NAVY..I like this has almost everything you need to create or add to a wardrobe..There is plenty to chose from and most importantly its affordable..Right now with the economy being the way it is we need a store that you can shop and feel good about spending the money..( I dont have a problem with this..I always feel good about shopping.) But need a break on your wallet..and if you feel this way..OLD NAVY might be the place for you..Every week this store has a item of the week sale...And its good..Not that this would be a selling point for us Fashionista's but they also sell mens and childrens clothes if you need to you could do a one stop shopping..and they also sell items for your beloved pets..cute right?..And for you petites that dont have an OLD NAVY in your area..guess what you can shop on line...yeah..So check it might not meet everyones taste and thats ok of course..but ya never now what ya might find..Happy Shopping Petites...xoxo

here is the link to Old


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one of my favorite things

one of my favorite things