Good morning petites..hope everyone is well..I am so sorry that I have been neglecting my Fashionista's lately..please forgive me..I have been a little crazy lately..But I am back and ready to go...So here goes..A couple of weeks ago I was driving my kids to school and my youngest son asked me if I had done something for him and honestly I forgot..Well did he ream me out..anyway I calmly said to him..I am no longer a superhero..Conversion done...but is it?..A couple of days later I find myself thinking about the same conversation...I started to recall the moms of the 1950's ( think Donna Reed and Mrs. Cunningham) These woman were the CEO's of their family..They did it all..Took care of the house, the kids and their husbands and looked fabulous doing it..And they were always happy and never stressed..Weird huh...they were superheros in my the questions is do I want to be like this..I don't know..I definitely like the part of looking were they the true stepford wives...or the the modern day superhero fashionista moms..I would like to think of myself as a Fashionista mom..but believe will not catch me vacuuming with heels on or saying "Yes was your day dear". I think thats a little crazy...but I do like idea of taking care of my house and my kids and dressing fabulous..thats sounds great..The woman of the past seemed to have paved the way for us today...They have made it possible and certainly acceptable to be just this..A Fashionista Mom...So the next time your stressed or god forbid forgot to do something..just put on your Superhero outfit and transform yourself...mishxoxo

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  1. Glad your back! I so love this post! Those gals are superheroes in my mind too. I am not sure how they did it. It's hard enough trying to figure out what to cook for dinner while having three kids nagging and tattletelling on each other every two minutes while your husband is trying to tell you about his day at work while your trying to look fabulous doing it all! ;-) UGH!

    Great post!

    xoxo, Shelly


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