Hello my petites...hope everyone is well today...its almost the weekend...yeah!!!..Well today's topic is somewhat of a huge debate...and its causing much controversy in the world of Fashion..so I would like to discuss it..so shall we..I am sure all us Fashionista's me included have gone to handbag parties and bought fake bags..guilty as charged...And I can say honestly that I would be soo happy to have my new fake designer bag just like everyone else..well I never gave it much though until recently...For Two Reasons...

The first reason is this...HarpersBazaar recently started a campaign called Fake is never in Fashion...and wrote this article that blew my mind..They stated that these fake bags are supporting terrorism...child slavery and taken jobs away from millions of people..I could not believe it...I never thought that something so insignificant to most could be so dangerous...Pretty bad huh..To read the whole article I will post a link at the bottom of this post...

The second reason is this and your gonna either laugh or think I am the biggest snob ever..( really im not)..I take a lot of pride in my outfits..I do go to great detail to make sure everything is just so..so imagine my surprise when
I see someone who is looking less the fashionable with the same bag as me!!..I hate it..Most of these people do not understand the meaning of these bags..They scream fashion..chic...and most importantly STYLE...So now when you have these less than Fashionista's walking around with designer bags..that look like they just rolled out of bed..you basically want to scream..I have friends who can afford to go out and buy real..yes real designer bags..and imagine their surprise when they see someone who paid $30.00 for a $300.00 bag..I dont know..its weird..right..I knew this sounds very snobbish but its really how I feel..I buy items because I like them..and not for anything else...so please forgive me for sounding this way..I just take my clothes and outfits very serious..Let me know how you all feel..I would really like to know if I'm not the only one who feels this way..

So basically at the end it does come down to a moral thing and for some it wont bother them and for some maybe you will think twice..And I not gonna say a word either way..but this..these bags are meant to mean something..The designer's who created them were screaming Style...so please wear something decent with them..Coco Chanel is probably rolling over in her grave right now...until the next time...mishxoxo



  1. Its a very interesting post. I've never really bought fakes. But its true that you feel better about yourself and your outfit when its all real. Its not snobby to see someone with a much cheaper and faker looking) bag as your expensive one.

  2. My family lives close to the TX Mexico border and when you go over there, there are a million little kids selling fake kate spade and dooney and burke purses. Now I will buy hand crafted items and neat jewelry etc but seriously, the bags are sort of sad. I am not into expensive bags, its just not my thing. But I wont carry a faux to look like im something im not. In fact I carry a bag from target with a happy face made from 2 eggs and a slice of bacon on red gingham! Hows that for style

  3. Very true! But there is a difference between fakes and knock-offs, the latter of which are generally not produced in such harsh conditions and which do not violate intellectual property rights... Excellent post and blog!


  4. I think it's very important that realize that there is more harm in buying a counterfeit bag then simply scamming a designer out of money! :) informative post!


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