Good morning petites..hope everyone is well today..just a little note..I will no longer be writing on Wednesday..due to the fact that I will be working all day out of my home...hope thats I would like to name a trend that I am addicted to.. THE HILLS..starring none other than Fabulous Fashionista..Lauren Conrad...I dont know if anybody has seen this show..but its fantastic..I love it..You can catch it on MTV, Monday @ 10pm..Its a real life drama set in the hills of California..Lauren Conrad is such a fresh face in todays fashion industry..She is already a style icon..And she now has her own clothing line..Bravo to her..I think she is a positive role for all fashionista because she is always in classy mode..She is also someone are young fashionista can look up too..So if you get a chance check it out....She is definitely up and coming !!!!

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  1. I have heard of Lauren Conrad and everytime I see her picture she is always looking cute! I have never seen the show. Believe it or not, but we don't have cable or satellite...we are so old fashion!!!

    xoxo, Shelly


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