Hello my petites and Good morning..hope everyone is well and Fabulous..Todays Mishism is something I have been living by for years..And its funny because about a month ago I read a whole article on it in Harpers Bazzaar..Anyway..its called Cost Per Wear..What this is to anyone who may not know is this..You find a item of clothing..lets just say a shirt...this shirt costs $50.00..ya you say to yourself how many times will I wear this shirt?...then divide the amount of times you will wear the shirt with the price of it and voila..thats how much the item really costs..Nice huh..So if I plan to wear this particular shirt at least ten times I have paid $5.00 for the shirt..And this my fashionista's is my logical use this method of shopping quite often..Its also really a good way to think when your purchasing a very expensive article of a really fabulous handbag...Try it..I can almost guarantee you will like this method..
love mishxoxo


  1. Hmmmmm I try not to do this math, lest it deter me from buying something a little decadent that I reallllllly love!


  2. Love this method! I will tell this to my husband. ;-)

    xoxo, Shelly


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